Thursday, February 21, 2019

Is Price the Only Factor That Determines a Buyer’s Decision Essay

When consuming products and services, customers pay attention to several factors to take in sealed that they have made a sensible decision. Perhaps, the very first gear thing to be taken into account, under some circumstances, is expenditure. However, it should non unceasingly be the sole consideration for purchasing decisions. From my point of view, apart from price, at that place atomic number 18 other determinants that can have a strong push on a buyers decision, namely quality, buyer psychology and commitments that a firm offers its customers.To begin with, it can be said for sure that for most wise consumers, the quality of products or services is remembered long whereas the price is soon forgotten. When people make up their mind to consume something, they decidedly want it to be worthy of their gold. To be more specific, they are volition to have their ideal products although their prices can, sometimes, be very costly simply because of their durability. lasting p roducts are preferable, especially for careful consumers who are of all time in pursual of the stability of the products. From a nonher context, in terms of buyer psychology, many customers are not afraid of high cost to own certain products since not only do the products serve their needs, but they also help them to contain their fashion-consciousness and status. For example, fashionable clothes enjoy increasing demand from celebrities every form though the producers set high prices.In addition, pricing low does not always work, even it can be counter-productive because consumers may assume that the products are below normal standards or the firm is going bankruptcy, which may return to the damage of the companys image and prestige. Last but not least, commitments to customers that a producer makes are also of great importance. These commitments usually devolve along with guarantees or after-sales services.Customers may pay higher amount of money for the products, however, in exchange, they are certain that they can have substitutes or indemnities when problems associated with the products happen. In other word, regardless of high prices, consumers are satisfied because they are offered certainty. In these cases, prices are also not the matter. In general, price is a of import factor that affects buyer decisions, but it is not the only determinants. Wise customers always seek for perfection from the products or services hence, price should only be one of the aspects to be considered.

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