Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Internet and Suicide Essay

Millions of the great unwashed in the developed countries retain access to profit. This due to the high advancements in technological levels. High literacy levels substantiate as well as contributed to the example of net in inject coupled with growing needs and disposition to get info. Internet is rising as Americas or so important source of development. (Alao, 1999) The increased affordability of soulal computing in new-fangled years has put computers in many another(prenominal) homes across the nation. This availability has withal driven the cost of net profit access down so that many households give the bounce afford to subscribe to internet services at precise low costs.This along with the vast amount of quality information getable on the internet has led to increased internet usage. The internet has travel handy and useful to find right information at sensations fingertips literally on anything from math formulas to the best way to eliminate unmatchedself. ( Baume, 1997) Suicide and Internet- Amount of information and How it Can Be Accessed The internet has fit the invisible version of the real world where good and bad coexist.It is a small world except less strong regulations to hinder the prejudicious effect of bad resources like those websites that provides encouragement for suicidal methods, and unprofessional advices on self-destruction. (Shaffer, 2000) It is amazing how easily one(a) hatful access to more than 1,000,000 websites regarding felo-de-se and information on how to shoot down oneself. Suicide is basically how a psyche gets encouraged to take his or her life. In simple terms, a person gets information on the easiest, fastest and may be painless methods that can be employed to kill his or herself.Internet is known to chap some advice on crude methods that can be used to kill oneself. The internet offers information as fast as possible and no one needs to know that you are intending to kill oneself. (Michel, 2000) Taking ones life is usually a personal decision and internet offers personalized assistance. This is the main reason why many concourse construction to it when they require information on to how to commit self-annihilation. Information can be accessed in the privacy of ones bedroom, cybercafes, or even in the office. No one needs to find out since it is silent advice though very powerful. other reason why many plenty make water turned to internet to seek information on how to commit suicide is availability of loud and efficient internet networks and connections. To access internet is no longer an big-ticket(prenominal) or a cumbersome exercise. Besides that, one is assured that the information or advice apt(p) is confidential unless, of course, you divulge it to other people. (Michel, 2000) Young children and callowness are usually the most curious lot and they ever necessity to explore and find out more about what they hear.It is through much(prenominal) adventures, tha t they access information that has to do with suicide. There are some groups of people however who commit suicide without the intention of taking away their lives. It is exclusively that curiosity gets the better of them. They try to experiment with the advice and information they get from internet oblivious of the deadly consequences. There were some children who committed suicide afterward they accessed information regarding Sadaams execution. This was a sad and unfortunate incident which can only be linked to cheap and available internet connections.(Etzersdorfer, 1998) Tackling the deaths which screw as a result of internet connections is a challenging task. This is because there is no workable formula which has been devised so far to control the usage and internet access. Cybercafes are all over and people can always sneak in and browse some information and advice without anybodys knowledge. It is graceful increasely difficult to control peoples lives due to the increasing demands in the modern society. (Potter, 2000) Many organizations and institutions have subscribed to internet connections including homes.It is thusly not easy to control the usage of internet since it has also contributed to harvest-tide of other social economic and cultural factors. It also important to line of products that, the information contained in the websites cannot be easily censored. As a question of fact, it has not been censored therefore, the amount of information that can be build in the internet cuts across the whole world. People are really invited to comment or even add more information regarding suicide and therefore the people have more than enough methods of committing suicide to discern from. (Potter, 2000) Effects of Internet on SuicideThe effects of internet on incidences of suicide are becoming overwhelming with all passing day. The key out and incidents of suicide have been reported on the television, radio and even compose on papers. (Phillips, 1974) The exposure of people on such media services has turn out to have negative influences on the people exposed them. It has been reported that the people who are exposed to internet area more inclined to be involved in acts of suicide. There have been overwhelming and systematic reviews print by people and they reveal the saddening truth regarding incidents of suicide.For instance there have been manuals on suicide, literature and suicide and actual reports of suicides shown on the films. Despite the register from all these forms of media, the extent to which internet contributes to suicides is yet to be proved. (Baume, 1997) Most suicide cases are reported especially when the victims had collected very specific information on suicide. Such stories are portrayed prominently and dramatically. Internet has also led to mob psychology because the information collected can be distributed amongst friends.Many people have been reported to have committed suicide together in a group s ince the information was forwarded to each and every one of them. Most of the books and journals accessed on the internet have been easily certain(p) and exercised. The guidelines that a re presents are properly outline and therefore they tolerate no doubt in the person accessing the information. (Etzersdorfer, 1998) The information appears to be given from a professional point of view. Besides that the methods portrayed are outlined in a procedural way and the degree of efficiency is seen to be very highFalse Advice Due to the increased reliance of people on information available on the internet, some authors have come up with false advice on the best and efficient procedures that one must(prenominal) follow to effectively commit suicide. Some people have been left paralyzed and mentally retarded after attempting suicide. This has been due to failed methods which did not hit the end goal. (Potter, 2000) The information available has also been falsified and unsuspecting individ uals go forrader to use the information since they have no means of checking the facts.

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