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Health and Safety Essay

The health and ca disclosechouc act consists of various principles, these argon implemented to batten d aver employees be skillful whilst at graze, this doesnt just apply those those who ar employed by a comp whatever(prenominal) it applies to any adept who enters the grammatical construction including professional bodies I.e regularise nurses, And general practitioners the legislation is made up of COSHH,RIDDOR,The manual handling operations regulations, the health and preventative first assistant regulations and management of health and safety at belong regulations, I leave identify and write a brief description on how these legislations relate to my job role and work environment.*Reporting any incidents or occurrences positions a duty on an employer o compensate serious work distance accidents ,occupational diseases and any near misses* this comes under RIDDOR, account of injuries,diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995 ( amended 2008 ),it is a juris tic requirement to report any accidents and occournences. In my work set if and accident or dangerous occournence,for specimen a trip slip or f either, I pass on report this an accident report book no matter how minor. It is a legal requirement for my employer to absorb this procedure in place to keep a record of accidents and occournences, and my work establishment complies with wi the requirements of the DATA PROTECTION ACT 1988, by having tear o discover pages that argon filed and non reachable to unlicenced persons.A nonher regulation is the *health and safety first aid regulation1981* And in the event of injury or sudden illness failier to provide the sort out de trace could create fatal results.The health and safety first aid regulations require that an employer provide chastise equipment, facilities and personnel to en original their employees or clients, feel immediate attention if they are learnn ill or injure at work the regulation applies to every(prenomin al)(prenominal) work grounds including mine,adequate provisions impart consist of first aid boxes, and first aid rooms at my work setting their is always a trained first aider on site including nightshifts.The COSHH legislation is put in place,this ensures the employer does a risk judgment on any any substance hazardous to health I.e medicinal drug,cleaning products and many an(prenominal) more, if not used mighty the employer will asses the risks and make a decisiveness on what precautions will be needed to ensure a safety.Relating to my work setting medication is COSHH issue.And only a senior carer who has had full medication training and has been assessed and found to be compitant brush off administer medication.medication is stored in a trolly which is then stored in a medication cupboard which is locked at all in all measure unless in use and is only tender to authorised users, once a profits my seniro will have completed a risk assessment for this space to ensure the correct action is taken and the health and safety is correct and all employees are informed on the situationI keep an eye on my work establishments policies and procedures the policies and procedures folder can be found in the nurses station and an additive copy in the mangers office, their are a number of dissimilar policies that are to be fol low geared some of which include Care of dying policyEqual opportunities policyLocking door in home policyEvacuation of the home policyThe folder consists of 422 policys and is involve that once the policy has been read and understood e employees or handler are required to date and sign.Whilst at work I ensure that I reinforcing stimulus others to understand and follow safe and good hygenie practices i.e ordinary hand washing and glove changes.i as well ensure that myself and others are were correct ppe, and use the equipment required, and as well risk asses any situation I may be in. I besides monitor and report potentiomete rs health and safety risks by checking all equipment prior to use for e.g hoist slings and wheelchairs.if I find any problems or concerns I will report this to my coach and make sure all staff are aware that it is out of use, however something minor I.e a dirty wheelchair or frame is something I can take care of myself and ensure it is cleaned correctly.Risk assessments are put in place to ensure the safety of an exclusives need , these assessments vary as different people have different needs these asesments can redact from mobility to mental capacity, eating and drinking to personal care. In my work setting their are clients who need sponsor with their personal care, and their others who only need assist with bathing or showering and can do their own personal care. preceding to arrival to my home a client will have been assessed by a senior Carer, and the reading will be put into a care plan which I and my colleagues will then read so we no all entropy about a client.I pr actice minimising potential risks by following all of my work place policies and procedures and carrying out and using risk asesments, wearing correct ppe at all times and practicing good hand hygiene and do sure the work place is always clean and tidy and their are no hazardous substances accessible to clients I as well practice minimising risks by making sure the building is secure by closing doors and keeping external doors locked.There are many different accidents that may occour in a home some of which are trips,slips and falls from wet or worn carpets, dioreah or emesis etc In the event of someone falling in the work setting different procedures will take. Place, for example if a staff member falls they may get up and feel fine it is essential that it is documented in the accident report book, on the other hand if a client falls carers will not move them until professional friend has arrived the client will be made to feel comfortable and depending on e situation may be put into he convalescence persition,this again will be documented into the accident report book.I support colleagues to follow practices that reduce the spread of infection by ensuring that we always where correct ppe, and practice good hand hygiene and using inebriant rubs but not as an equivalent to hand washing. I also support by ensuring my colleague and I dispose of hazardous substances in the correct way.Ways that I ensure my own health and hygenie do no pose a risk to others I always have clean uniform when attending work, to ensure I do not bring any airborn viruses I.e MRSA I also notify my manger if I pick up and virus like D&V and will not return to work until I am clear of the virus for 48 hours on arrival back to work I will fill in a return to work form.The manual handlings operations 1992 regulations, requires employers to avoid all manual handling where their is risk of injury.the legislation also states that a risk assessment must take place and followed correctl y to minimise any potential risks.If I want any additional support or information I ask my manager, senior carers, or fellow colleagues. I can also access any information I am not sure about in my policies and procedures folder. At my work establishment their are two folders in the nurses station that are acessable to any staff member that are unsure on a certain subject some of these are Meeting clients nutritional needsCleanliness and infection controlThese folders are built up of useful information and policies that are relevant to each subject.Ways in which I help practice to prevent fires from starting and spreading , are ensuring that I hunch over my work setting fire safety policy attend all fire safety training,I also make that I make sure that I know where my fire assembly point is. I also make sure that there are no waste news report baskets overflowing or anything else that could help a fire to spread or start, my working setting also had a no smoking policy,so I also e nsure I smoke in the designated smoking are.if a fire was to start , emergency services would be contacted and the building evacuated , and go straight to the fire assembly point.i also ask any visitors to sign in and out and tell them were the fire safety point is. The sign language in book will determined how Many people are in the building on arival of the emergency services.Procedures are as followed at my work establishment and many othersNever let any one in the building in without signing in.and professional bodies will have Id on show always check is If I am unsure about a persons identity for e.g a visitor depending on the mental capacity of the person, ask if this person remembers this visitor if this is not possible phone a next of Kin.Personal information is zippy in my work setting, all residents Care plans inlcude daily food and gas intake, mental capacity and all relevant information on an individual is kept in folders in a locked cupboard that is not accessible to any unauthorised persons. I protect y,mown security and of others by making sure I have the correct ppe on at all times and do not have any jewerly on whilst at work, and make sure all external doors are shut, and gates at the top and bottom of stairs are shut and locked. I also ensure others no of my whereabouts whilst at work, to ensure that a fellow carer is their to support the floor, even if I am assisting someone to go the toilet I make someone aware I am of the floor.Comon signs of stress can be very easy to spot some of these includeadgitation world emotional and short temperedNot completing jobs properly load loss or weight gainSmoking morealcoholic beverage bingingMy self indication for stress isConstant worryingWeight gainBeing over emotional and snappyFeeling very low and under the weatherMy own stress levels are triggered by unorganized situations, e.g understaffing at work have caused me to feel stressed and when I am unsure of a situation cause me to feel slightly s tressed.My strategies for managing my own stress levels are having a written plan of what My main tasks are that shift, for e.g a morning shift my main task is to ensure all residents and clean and have eaten by. Reasonable time. Some may find it easier to take it task as it comes how ever I would rather focus on the main tasks and making sure these are completed correctly.

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