Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Great Teachers

The good t individuallyer explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The outstanding teacher inspires. Teachers those dedicated people who educate, encourage, support, discipline and prepare us for the road ahead. They are the masters, the leaders. They are the artist that takes each class to a higher level. Their dedication has always resulted in producing something new. If I think back slightly them humbly enough, they contribute to a swell evolution, they are players in the great ocean. Teaching is deep. Its more than secure imparting information. Any atomic number 53 post do that.Google post do that. Wisped merchantman do that. But great teachers do it differently. grand teachers have always understood that imagination is more important than knowledge. They go beyond the text book and have that intangible characteristic that can inspire students to do great things and become great people. Instead of just teaching major revolution in history, formulae in math,verses i n English, maps in geography, laws in science and Kevin in Hindi, they will groom us think and force us to look at the world through the look of the people involved in a subject. They will challenge us to think radically and analytically.They share their insights and knowledge that allows us to explore the infinite amount of knowledge. They will engineer learning experiences that maneuver the students into the drivers seat and past the teachers get out of the way. Because they understand that students learn best by in person experiencing learning. And as the proverb goes Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself. One such(prenominal) great teacher I met was Namesakes Bradshaw, my Intermediate English teacher. She was no academic. She was not hot on action research, she had her own peculiar style or way of titivating her students.She taught the most important skills within the most important subject. She reminded us of the power of language and the delights of literature. Sh e encouraged us to ask questions,for being inclined(p) to argue your case, and doing so in a style that is powerfully appropriate. She relished the eccentrics in the class , the naughty ones as well as the paragons. The naughty one often only behaved for her ( I was among the naughty ones P). She had something individual to say to each student. She said when she was disappointed about something a student has done, but broadly she celebrated success.Her art of teaching was so compelling that I erst broke down into tears in the middle of the class learning A Doctors Journal Entry. Personally, she had a powerful emotional sham on me. Used to walk out of her lessons feeling I can do things can read better, write better, think better, learn better. Her tendency was basically the same as any good leader, to provide purpose, fashion and motivation. She is simply a great teacher. I owe her a great deal not least, my gratitude. She is more important than shell ever realize. Thus a g reat teachers are the ones who are differentiated from the rest.They have the qualities of patience, kindness, resourcefulness, and open-mindedness. They listen , make their students feel secure and pushes them to succeed. A great teacher always has a sense of purpose, a positive attitude, a smile on her fount and an encouraging word for her students. She explains that career choices and options are many. But your decision on career should be what you enjoy doing for the rest of your life. She motivates her students to chase their dreams and to always raise their best foot forward. She will motivate and encourage to reach for the moon, so that if you miss it, you will tallest land among the stars.

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