Friday, February 8, 2019

Existentialist Views on Death Essay -- Philosophy Philosophical Papers

Existentialist Views on DeathWhat is existential philosophy? existential philosophy is a philosophy true chiefly in the 20th coke that tackles find meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. The commutation theme of existentialism is that an individual must assume all responsibilities for his or her acts of free will without any absolute intimacy of what is right or wrong. Existentialism analyzes this somewhat dismal stead mankind has been thrown into, and produces a model for how an individual should live his or her life. However, why should someone campaign to live a life of morals and meaning in a cold and indifferent world? An analysis of existentialist views on remainder may lead to an answer to this question.A Brief History of ExistentialismExistentialism developed from the ideas of Rene Descartes and his contemporary Blaise Pascal. Pascal rejected the rationalist attempt of Descartes to explain God and humanity, seeing that a systematic philosophy presuming this knowled ge was a form of pride. He instead described life, like after existentialist writers, in terms of paradoxes (Akram).Soren Kierkegaard, the first philosopher to refer to himself as existential, developed a philosophy in reaction to the absolute idealism of G. W. F. Hegel. sooner of claiming a rational understanding of the human situation, Kierkegaard stressed the ambiguity and fatuousness of it. He asserted that the provided way to survive in this situation is for an individual to lead a totally committed life, where this commitment could only be understood by the individual. A person must be prepared to defy social norms in order to serve the higher(prenominal) authority of a personally valid way of life. Being a Christian, Kierkegaard advocated that this commitment sh... ...s are lacking. One timiditys his or her inevitable finiteness for fear of being unable to transcend existence. These fears cause anxiety, which eventually leads to the reality that crowning(prenominal) des pair means necessary existence. This gives mankind courage to realize its finitude and mobilizes it into action. By fighting death, man will eventually find a satisfactory way to transcend it.Works CitedAkram, Tanweer. Existentialism. 18 January 1991. 6 butt 2001. http//, Celia. The Human Evasion. 6 jar against 2001. http//, Garrth. Philosophy Pages. 1997-2001. 6 March 2001.http//, Peter. The Vitality of Death. Westport, CT Greenwood Publishing Company, 1971.Pratt, Alan. Nihilism. 1999. 6 March 2001. http//

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