Monday, February 25, 2019

Assessing different approaches to customer service

For my client Service Unit I forget be interviewing two unemployed centres, College of St. Mark and St. John and the Mayflower leisure sum.I engender chosen these two centres because they are slightly contrasting and I thought it would be interesting to see how different companies have different customer service.The College of St. Mark and St. John is in Derriford, Plym come onh. It covers a genuinely large area and its facilities include a 25 metre interior heated swimming pool, a fitness retinue, two squash courts, a fully equipped gymnasium, three sports signs, each with four badminton courts and a specializer built-in rock-climbing wall, computing facilities, and an outdoor pursuits centre. In addition to extensive playing fields, there is a full size all-weather floodlit tack together for top level hockey and football.A smaller all-weather approach restrains tennis and provides a good training surface all socio-economic class round. In addition to this there is a 36m. square sports hall for club in a variety of sports which is also large enough to accommodate Trade Fairs and other large events a gymnasium for martial arts, aerobics, step and smell & trim classes a standard size sports hall available for volleyball, basketball, badminton 2 squash courts and a Fitness Suite with up to date cardiovascular and weight training equipment. Although this sports centre is within the college, it is open to any member of the public, not just the students at the college.The Mayflower Leisure Centre is determined in Central Park, Plymouth. It is quite old and may need to be revamped within the next few years. Its facilities include a fitness suite which has treadmills, cross trainers, climbers, bikes, rowers and resistance machines and it also has squash courts, indoor bowls and sunshine beds. There are two sports halls, one is a 5-a-side football hall and the other is a multi purpose sports hall, which can house badminton, volleyball, basketball, sh ort tennis and dry board diving.The College of St. Mark and St. John is a sports college therefore it has many amounts of sports facilities. The college is a Church of England voluntary college, with a history of over one hundred fifty years and it moved from London to Plymouth in 1973.The Mayflower Leisure Centre is quite old, as I mentioned previously but is the most comfortably used public sector leisure facility in the area. It deeds in close partnership with the Central Park Swimming consortium which is its neighbouring building.To find out the information I want, I am dismissal to visit each venue for an interview. For letter, see Appendix 1. I am going to ask them several questions on different topics to find out as much as I can about the Customer Service in their establishment. For questions, see Appendix 2.I will and then analyse the answers of the questions and compare the two companies to see who has the best customer service.

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