Wednesday, February 13, 2019

An Event that Defines Me Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

An Event that Defines Me there really is no circumstance eventidet in my life that I can say defines me. though there are a series of events that has shaped me into the person that I am today. The events that seduce defined my life mystify been trials that have time-tested my integrity and my faith. I have stumbled and fallen but have gotten up time and time again to only go further than before. There have been walls and obstacles that have kept me from being an individual that values high education. During my high school calling I never thought that I would have attended a university or even a biotic community college. I never thought of the concept of higher education though I was pushed by my parents to attend college I never had it in my plans to go to college. Never the less I was given good advice from friends and family telling me that a college education would be the best for me. Without a degree I was certain not to achieve either financial su ccess or career security. While in high school the only thing on my mind was to join the United States Army. Since almost half of my family was either in the military machine or in prison, I chose to go the path of the military. I was an outstand cadet in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp. I had many decorations and medals that boasted my achievements of scholarship, integrity, loyalty, and leadership ability. It seemed that I was almost destined to become a United States Soldier. School was an easy thing for me, I floated through courses and could have graduated a year early but didnt former I wanted to walk with my class. I had lots of things going for me even applying to West Point Military Academy. Unfortunately I never was received to at... ... later I received a call from the same recruiter, Chris, guessing what? We have a position that opened up in military intelligence. He said. No, Thanks. Im going to college. These series of events have a significant value to me, there has never been a family member in either both sides attended a community college or a university. I am the first one and I never knew how to institute here but with the help of my family and friends I have accomplished something that never has been accomplished by anyone close to me. I feel everyone looking at me and wondering if I will succeed or fail. Since I have been in College I have done my job. I have interned for Senator Jon Kyl, worked for Latino Vote Project, and helped out on campaigns. And due to these accomplishments my views have changed about the military and made me more humble and wise towards other issues.

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