Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Fatal Secret

*Wednesday 15th OctoberIts getting worse. I run through no friends. My family hates me. My grades are low and I quartert sleep. I dont k direct wherefore I even out b opposite with school any more. My parents are so busy fighting they dont even whap Im thither. I might as well right leave, it will make every peerless happy. I have to go. proficient pack my bags, and go*Its a Thursday afternoon, the sun is shining, thithers a wanton blue sky, and everything is close to perfect. Or so it noticemedGrace Gracie Gracie darling Im stand Graces mother c tout ensembleed repeatedly, and no wizard was home. Though she looked around, Graces mother institute nothing. Absolutely nothing. Except for this piece of paper lying on graces dresser. why this piece of paper stuck turn up so lots she didnt know, but notwithstanding she picked it up. It was addressed to her.Mum, I know I havent been the best daughter lately, so I destine Ive d whizz you and soda water a favour. Ive seen th e pair of you fighting, and I cant help but feel it is my fault. So Ive decided to get out of your way. I dont know where Im going, or how long for, but I think you will agree that its for the best. In case I neer see you again, I want you to know one thing. I love you and dad very much, and I owe you everything. You are the best parents a female child could wish for, but I hate seeing you like this. Its for the best, and I know when I come back things will be much better. Promise me you wont forget me. Im sorry, Gracie xxxGraces mother was stunned. She read it over and over, but each meter it said the same thing. Grace was deceased. Her baby missy had run away, and it was all her fault. Straight away she phoned her husband, who came home immediately.Helen, calm landNo, we must call the policeLook loveSteven, our child has goneYes dear, but we cant do anything still now. The police cant do anything for another cardinal hours. Please, just calm down. Gracie will turn up anyti me now. Youll see. Shell come bucket along through that door crying, saying how she made a mistake. It will all be al remediate. besides she didnt. They waited all night, but there was no print of Grace. Eventually they did call the police, although that didnt make much of a difference. Grace was nowhere to be seen. Helen, Graces mother, had started to think the worst.Steven, what if shes, you know, what if somethings happened to her. She could be lying in a entrench right now, calling out for help. Officer, cant you do somethingWere trying as unmanageable as we can mam, but theres just so much we can do. Theres a search party out now, and weve advertised it everywhere. Im afraid there isnt much else I can do. Sorry.It was true, not much else could be done, and there didnt seem much hope for Graces survival. No one knew if she was alive or dead. There was no evidence pointing either way. Not at the time anywayThe street is no place for a young young lady, as Grace found out o ver time. She began to regret ever leaving. She wasnt the only one alone, but everyone else seemed to know how to survive, whereas Grace was struggling to find a meal each day. She would get funny looks when people walked ult. Other roofless people scared her, something more or less them made her feel uneasy. One man, a strange looking man with a long ripped coat and a scar across his face, he scared her the most.He would walk past her give her funny looks, like he was thinking something. Grace was permanently on the move to try and escape his glare, but somehow he would always find her. She wasnt the only one he scared. There were other girls, young girls, on the street with Grace. She wouldnt understand why, but every now and again, one of these girls would go missing. Shed never see them again. Grace just persuasion that theyd moved on, or gone home. If only she knewThe search continued for weeks, even months. Every day more and more people seemed certain she had disappeared completely.For everyone knew about it. It was all over every newspaper, on every channel. Not one workplace hadnt discussed it over their tea break. Lots of people joined in the search, everyone wanted her to be okay. When almost every person had given up hope of finding her, something turned up.Some children had gone down to the river one Sunday afternoon for a bit of fishing. One boy had something on the end of his line, but it wasnt a fish. It was something much larger and heavier, for he had move pulling it in. It was a body, a bare body. A young girls naked body. It was Grace. When the police examined the case, it was put down as suicide. They didnt look into it much, everything added up. She was young, lonely, upset, it all seemed to fit. But maybe they should have looked a little deeper, examined it a bit more. Did she go through herself, or was it someone else s doing. mayhap they needed just that one bit of evidence to prove that it wasnt as simple as it looked. Maybe* W ednesday 15th NovemberIm scared. I dont know exactly whats happening. But I know its to do with him. Ive seen him before, he gives me funny looks. Ive heard him talking himself hes not right in the head. Before I heard him asking another girl if he could do stuff to her. Dirty, wrong stuff. Its not right. I just want to go home, I dont want anything to happen to me. I never wanted to die, I just thought I shoouldgive my parents some space. I think I hear him again hes coming over here. Its the end, I know it is. I just want to go home. I just want to go home. *

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