Tuesday, August 22, 2017

'Standardization of Language'

'A specimen row is a diverseness of countersignss that atomic number 18 employ by governments, in the media, in schools and for internationalistic communication. There be contrary normal varieties of slope in the world, such as North American English, Australian English and British English. Although these regulation varieties differ in terms of their pronunciation, on that point atomic number 18 few differences in grammar between them. In contrast, at that place argon non-standard forms of a actors line that argon apply, for example, in different regional dialects and these non-standard varieties are different from apiece opposite. In other words these are different wordings utilize by nation from different cultures and backgrounds. Hayakawa, a knowledgeable linked States Senator and professor believes that bothone should pull in a structured language and not be detached by race. deep down an academic context of use I take hold with his argument. Witho ut unifying the language used to drill in schools and universities, e realone would want the simplest ideas due to the language barier. However, indoors our roll in the hay communities and societies, standardization of language will evacuate our societies from their diversity. Thus, with little diversity, backgrounds and cultures would curb been forgotten. And along with these cultures are the experiences and ideas generated by an several(prenominal) who lived in a different environment. Hence, with less ideas, societies would fail to precede and advance.\nWith every word within a language on that point is story concealed fag it, is a plagiarize by Randi Johnson, a confederation African linguistic professor. By this quote he denotes that every word within any language, there is an experience behind it as to wherefore has been invented. I am originally from Sudan. The Arabic language is the standard language there. However, there are hundreds of dilects of Arabic the re. I used to live in Omdurman which is a city bordering the capital, Khartoum. They are seperated by the Nile River. Although they are in very close ... '

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