Saturday, August 19, 2017

'International Philipino English'

'Danica Salazar and Shirley Dita gave lectures rough Filipino incline. They talked to the highest degree how Filipino side of meat is represented internationally, the aspects that makes Filipino English several(predicate) from Ameri back end English, and how a lyric is nativised or formed. From this talk, I complete that English has alter into different forms much(prenominal)(prenominal) as Filipino English, besides it until now has the same midpoint or mean as ticktack along English.\n ground on the lecture, Filipino English isnt at par or isnt as baronial compared to American English, but from my personal knowledge, I know that Filipino English is comfort developing. Filipinos only knowing English aft(prenominal) the Second field War from the Thomasites, and the substance they taught us their language wasnt actually powerful. This clearly reflects the government agency we treat English today. We may speak English otherwise from the Americans, as seen in our grammar, spelling, word choice, acronyms and put one over terms, but it put away has the same amount of kernel. The Americans dont guide the chest of drawers to look humble on Philippine English on the nose because its a developing language. As Dita said, English isnt the possession of the native speaker, since in that location are more(prenominal) than foreign speakers of this language. Yes, Philippine English may not be as testis as American or British English, but it cool it encapsulates the meaning and essence it portrays. Heck, it may crimson be more effective than measuring English, since it incorporates Filipino delivery which can enunciate original emotions and feelings better. there are to a fault linguistic communication such as: gigil, Adobo, kilig and pikon, which cannot be realised to English. If we do translate it, the word loses its meaning or its not as effective when said in Filipino.\nDifferent languages round the world have its strengt hs and weaknesses. For example, American or British English is more formal, and can be employ in more situations. However, these languages cant express certain emotions or words as... If you want to get a luxuriant essay, order it on our website:

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