Monday, May 8, 2017

The Boott Cotton Mills Museum and Lowell, Massachusetts

Since the beginning of the semester, it already passed a month, which was authorizedly fast-flying and miserable with FYSH twelvemonth that is sort of course of honors I dupe ever taken before. The class has always deep scathing conversation between the students and the professor intimately topics related to Lowell much(prenominal)(prenominal) as the history of the industrial era of Lowell, Jack Kerouac, a writer from Lowell, and or so facts close to Lowell. Also, there are more interesting things on this course, such as excursions. Those are the positive refreshing for me, and I wish that kind of learning adjoin which attached to real objects, so we could see and touch some of the old things we discussed in class, such as we went to the Boott cotton plant move Museum which located in real old mills building. Also we went to the Merrimack repertory Theater. After all of these excursions, my posture of the Lowell has changed and got the big inspiration from the h istoric atmosphere of this city.\nIn the starting line place, my imagination of US was ilk skyscrapers, mevery people in the pathway, and busy life in every corner of the city. However, when I came to Lowell, I felt like I came through the countryside which has non any tall buildings and to a fault after 8 pm no one will be in the street which is little terrifying. In another(prenominal) hand, my university location and buildings reckons very different than any other of historic Lowells buildings and locations. That is because the most of our campus buildings are new and colored like bowl such as university suites which has red, black, and canescent walls. I always say that our university gives a good look to this old city, so I think we should talk about our university environment next time. On September 23, Jesse and I were headland to the Boott Cotton Mills Museum and started minor(ip) conversation about the Boott Cotton Museum and what will be hold for us there.\n\n Jesse: Did you visit any museum since you came to the USA?\nMe: No, not until right away and Im very e... If you want to get under ones skin a full essay, bless it on our website:

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