Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Name of the Rose - Monks and the Church

In the movie The put forward of the Rose, monastics who run the Abbey lie with that experience can be a very knock discover thing to possess. They say that the honor is varied from what the ruling strength says is the truth. Then much(prenominal) knowledge can become recrudesce of a revolution in thinking that destroys everything that they stood for. A affair between two different ideologies is at the forefront of this movie. It is the conflict between knowledge, truth, and the ideologies found in an ancient book written by Aristotle.\nIn the film, companion William (played by Sean Connery), a monk who has come to investigate deaths at the Abbey, believes that such books argon seen as dangerous by the Church, because they confine different thoughts and ideas that atomic number 18 a completely different from what the perform is thinking. The Church recognizes how much force play a book could defy because Christianity, a religion that was the establish on the Bible , defined europium in the Middle Ages. It was convey to the Church that the practice of adaptation and writing survived in Europe. From the beginning, the monkhood make apparent the importance amass transcribing and studying alone of the books they had, they are also trying to link the Greek and Latin traditions to the teachings of Christianity.\nThis is why in The Name of the Rose, the scriptorium, the mental synthesis where the books are hand copied, has such as an important pip in the monastery, they work mean solar day in and day out copying the old books. When William finds the construct he is happy because of all the books that are stored there, We are in one of the greatest libraries in all of the Christian Kingdom. hotshot of the most important goals of the monastery was to uphold the knowledge of the past. However, at the selfsame(prenominal) time, they become dangerous if the books ideas are completely different from the churches. A blind monk who has off people in the Abbey, tries everything to sustain secret Aristotles book on comedy, believi...

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