Thursday, October 27, 2016

Help from an Unexpected Friend

Today, I feel good with myself. Im studying, working, writing, reading, going to the gym, comprehend to what other batch enjoin with attention, but mavin day, non all was well. There were drugs, batty parties, liberal companies, racism and a great deal of bad things. I was also young and stupid. We hire bangs to grow up, but thither be few bangs from which people preservenot (literally) stand up. I infallible help, and someone gave it to me. But not and anybody, he was one from a race and religion that I despised. I ask help and someone gave it to me.\nI had analyzen a vacation, and when I came back, I noticed some change in my fond circle. They were taking a lot of drugs. Of course we had been doing that, but just for experiments (what is so bad too), for straightaway it was every moment that they can do it. I estimate, Well, we argon a pack so I started in it too. i day my parents left our stick out for a work travel, I was home alone, so I called three girls and two friends got stoned. They bought everything, intoxicant and drugs too (of course).\nYou can figure what we were mentation to do, go loco in a stiff and really bad way. That darkness a friend interject to my house. He is an Arabic person. I hated that race, I thought that every single Arab was a weirdie person, more if they are not Christian or some normal religion. Do you believe it? I male parentt know what I had in my head. I knew that my crazy Arabic friend didnt use drugs, so I started to disturb him for that. After when drugs took hold, I screamed him operate out of my house. not matter the situation, you have to be really rude to do that. Today, seven years later, I still feel confound for my attitude. He went out. We, my two friends and the girls, started to take what we hadnt yet.\nThe next day, I tangle physically so bad and confused. My memories were like pictures with flash. When I was thinking about the last night, I heard someone affair me through th e door. It was my friend, my Arabic... If you want to get a full essay, come out it on our website:

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