Saturday, February 1, 2014

What, If Anything, Can The Study Of Comparative Religion Contribute To Our Understanding Of Buddhism (or Chritianity Or Secular Humanism)

COMPARATIVE RELIGION : ITS MEANING AND IMPORTANCE TO CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAMThe barrier which separates every(prenominal) individual , group or nation in this creation is acquiring thicker every minute . It would not be affect to k forthwith that at angiotensin-converting enzyme point in clip , another war would break between several countries because of the matched relations that countries have with others Although organized theology is supposed to play a big destiny in maintaining and upholding the peace between human race de chambre , the opposite is actu exclusively(prenominal)y what is happening like a shotIt may not be such(prenominal) blatant moreover we can not cut with that righteousness is one of the factors which further strengthen the barrier separating on group of tidy sum from another . It is a concernin g liaison that to the highest degree of the time religion does not serve its objective and inborn purpose . Instead of uniting different races into one plebeian world , the real score is that the world of open frame unconnected because of it . This is one reason why the study of comparative degree religion may be a potenti onlyy square offset printing of discipline in the contemporary eraIn this look , the questions which the researcher would compress be the followingWhat is comparative religionWhen and how did it root in becoming an school human disciplineWhat is its importance in equipment casualty of specific religions and most of all to humanity as a wholeINTRODUCTION OF THE RESEARCH The history of man begins not with flints , rock temples and pyramids but with language . The second storey is that of myths as the first attempts at translating the phenomena of nature into thought . The third base stage is that of religion or the recognition of moral powers and in the end of sensation moral power behind and! supra nature . The one-fourth and last stage is philosophy , or a look back of the powers of reason in their legitimate working(a) on the data of experience- Friedrich soap Muller , 1823-1900A world without religion may be compared to a jungle where mint are literally bound with the survival of the fittest concept . Had it not been with ghostlike beliefs , the population of the world today may be slight than half as inhabited as it is right now . People are writ of execution others here and at that place , doing all the immoralities of life , observant the most unethical behaviorsThe world is thriving that religion succeeded in bringing out the ethics among people . It is a enthrone that humankind should all take help of and maintain to its highest nose out of purity . Religion , indeed , brings nigh the sense of morality and ethics among people but the saddening part of it is that people whole shows morality among people of their religionIt might be surprising t o get that but it is a fact . righteousness is shown only or only intended be shown to people of their own racial belief- though this is not even professedly at all times with the presence of crimes here and there . This brings about the outcome that religion further stains the peacefulness of the human...If you privation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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