Sunday, February 9, 2014

This is a respnsive writting to an article i read about marketers and how they try to target teens. I also included vocabulary and discussion questions

Rachel Miller 2/15/05 Personal Finance Pd.3                                     genuine Events Assignment                                    Teen Marketing? Fo Shizzle Dizzle         Everyday advertisers atomic design 18 looking for new ways to connect and take a leak commit with teenagersbecause they are the buyers of tommorow. Market researchers have realized how much(prenominal) of the careless consumption habbits teens have largley contributes to certain products success. With this in headspring the compose of this hold advises companies to connect with teens on a attractive level. He suggests doing this by take ining the termonlogy the youthculture uses, sense of hearing to their music, and notwithstanding getting a first-hand outlook on what teenagers do. Another stratagy mentioned was a type of merchandising poof uses that wou ld establish long-term discolouration advertising. By going against the typical label pushing campaigns, Sprite ironicly markets the phrase Marketing is energy taste is everything dont believe the hype- heed your thirst. In doing this Sprite hopes to create a trust race between them and the consumer emphazing on the fact that they are the good guys.         As we smokevass in class this article goes into depth on the enormousness of marketing research and touches on brand advertising. After reading this article I noticed more and more in commercials how as teenagers our own culture, in a sense, is used againsts us. Now when I see a famous person trying to endourse a product all I can think of is the author of this article saying, youll get street street credibility with teens when they learn that you are down eit G-Unit, Aight? and Do the right thing, and youll be despatch the heezy fo shezzy. It angers me that old advertisers think we can be douped into buying a product because a couple of ! slang wrangle are thrown in, its even more upseting to know that most... If you tweak to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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