Friday, February 7, 2014

The Crucible

Good Name A proverb c in all downs that A ingenuous relieve oneself will shine forever. In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, having a not bad(predicate) spot in society is measured and has a different meaning to different characters. In The Crucible, legion(predicate) characters view having a good(p) designation as creation well reckon and correlate it with their written report. When Reverend Parris discovers girls from capital of Oregon saltation in the forest, he finds his daughter, Betty, lying on the ground unconscious. dysphoric that his daughters illness was a result of witchcraft, he finds Abigail and asks her about the correctts that took bum in the forest. The commencement exercise thing Reverend Parris asks Abigail is if her name in the town it is solo white, is it not? because he is disordered about his reputation (Miller 171). This all the way shows that Reverend Parris is much concerned with keeping a good name in Salem rather than the w ell being of his daughter or the events that caused her to be in the condition she is in. fundament Proctor too views maintaining a good name in society as a top priority even when he has to micturate his life to keep it. When John agrees to rat to witchcraft, he is requisite to sign a document as proof of his yieldion. by and by he learns confession must be made dissonant he begs them, to I have apt(p) you my soul; leave me with my name!(Miller 240). their article The Crucible,, June Schlueter and James K. Flanagan state that For Proctor, a name is a mans public self; to bring violate to his name is to bring loving death to himself and his sons. (115) By choosing to bring up rather than sign a public confession, he clearly views his name more important than his own life. Even though having a good reputation and being well prise are apart of a good name, that is not all it represents. Throughout the entire play, Abigail Williams uses her good name to control Salem by accusing concourse of witchcraft, which re! sults in the deaths of many mess in the town. After witnessing Tituba confess to Reverend Hale,...If you want to rise a full essay, graze it on our website:

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