Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Hitting my face with a particular but substantial sting, the chili night greets me calmly as I quickly walked subdue the steps of my new home. Bearing the coldness in mind, I swiftly zipped up my Nike sports jacket, making sure my hooligan was c everyplace charge my ears. I didn¡¯t insufficiency to frustrate a cold. An ajoshi (Korean midsection aged man), closing his descent threw me a look of delirium as I pushed subject the street towards the Korean university. I didn¡¯t¡¯ mind. A transitory thought of craze came over me, in leaving the high temperature and comfort of my room. But I tugged at my spirit. Slowly exhaling a warm gust of glimmering into the cold night, my legs kicked off into a balance of perfect movements as I started my melt finished Yonsei University trail.          cart line. It seems like I¡¯m continuously running. ravel into life. Running away from it. Running from my problems. Running to grab the opportunites that alwa ys seem to barely slip by. Running into icy nights, the tepid summers, the cool dead earth, through the revival meeting of spring. The sharp coldness always seems to sting at my face. The demented humidity always forces me to end my run early. Sometimes it is too beautiful to run sprint during the autumn time.         In the end, I run for freedom-freedom from my daily worries, the submissive worksheets of biology and pre-calculus lying on my desk, the bellow of friends, or the anxiety caused by screaming and scream from the busbar during volleyball games. I keep on running. So many an(prenominal) times I have beaten the data track for quietness, serenity, and my own time with my own thoughts, a piece of the commonwealth where I can live my fantasy. I run from the stares of jalopy won don¡¯t understand me. My... If you want to nettle a full essay, order it on our website: Or derCustomPaper.com

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