Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Tutorial 2 Reading Comprehension Passage 1 The authorities of capital of Thailand feel uneasy about the next of their urban center. Gra triplexly the urban center is disappearing to a lower place water. already unit sections of the eastern and south-eastern suburbs argon left shallow in water during the monsoon rains; and they last for leash months! At each time, a single cloudburst contribute leave a great deal of the urban center under 30cm of water. When this happens, capital of Thailands congested vocation comes to a complete standstill for hours and the interiors of homes and shops bring flooded. It is man preferably than nature which is at the centre of the problem. capital of Thailand was designed twain hundred years ago as a water-based city. A complex network of canals, known to the Thais as klongs, were dug. They served a dual function; firstly they acted as the citys highways, and secondly they drained the city of water which would otherwise have m uch caused floods. capital of Thailand is built on flat, low-lying land which is flood-prone during the rains. In the 1960s the Vietnam war brought an industrial and social structure roaring to Bangkok. Many of the citys klongs fell dupe to his boom. Klongs were change in to make way for new roadstead and highways. Others became obstruct with industrial waste discharged freely from factories. more effluent, in the form of kitchen and household waste from tens of thousands of new unaccredited slum settlements, further reduced the effectiveness of the klongs. Slowly the end of the drainage system was upset; there were simply non enough klongs and those that remained could no longer do their job properly. The declivity of the klongs is being attach to by a drop feeling of the whole city. for the most part people associate the idea of a sinking city with the Italian city of Venice but there in Bangkok the problem is much more serious. Currently Bangkok is sinking at a rat e of around 10cm a year, which is 14 times t! hat of Venice. In fact, since 1961 the city has sunk over 80cm. Already most of...If you want to get a plentiful essay, target it on our website:

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