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Strength In Numbers

capability in Numbers         Family is unrivaled of the chief(prenominal) themes in The Grapes of Wrath, write by John Steinbeck. From the moment they atomic number 18 introduced up until the closing scene, the Joads make an travail to plosive consonant to runher, although not unceasingly and a day successful. The Joads, along with every genius else during this eon, nuclear number 18 having some difficulties. Their crops in Oklahoma argon destroyed and they ar tractored dour of their land and forced to puddle to California in order to find traffics. Th savageout this rough journey for survival, the only thing that keeps them alive and with hope is family and togetherness.         The master(prenominal) figure of the Joad family seems to be Ma Joad. She is a figure of durability and wisdom who is sought after for advice and affection. She seemed to know, to accept, to welcome her position, the citadel of the family, the tidy ordinate that could not be taken. (Steinbeck, 100) Even when faced with gravid obstacles, Ma is fitting to keep herself and the family together. Ma suffers several losses. Granpa and Granma guide down during this horrible episode. Although, unprevent subject, the Joads do lose some of the family.          in that location are several time when the family tries to split up. Some attempts are successful, former(a)s are not. For example, tom turkey and Casey offer to stay female genitalia with the Wilsons when their car recesss down. Ma does not infer that splitting up is a legal melodic theme; she believes the family should stay together at all times. Ma physically threatens the two, saying, All we got is the family unbroke. Like a bunch of cows, when the lobos are ranging, stick all together. (Steinbeck, 231) This was an unsuccessful attempt to break up.          ruddiness of Sharon and Connie also had plans to separate fro m the family. They both had the idea of liv! ing in a town together, where Connie would get a good job and care for her and the baby. When this idea was brought up to Ma, she argued, We don conjure you to go ? federal agency from us. It aint good for folks to break up. (Steinbeck, 225) A tuck, Ma stood tender on the values of the family.         On the other hand, more than nevertheless Granpa and Granma were befuddled from the family. Ma was not open to keep every ane from straying. Noah was tempted by the river and decides to stay behind and live off the fish. Ma was not able to prevent this. Noah had his mind bound and he was not release to change it. Connie also separates from the family. He was very selfish in doing so. He did not approximate about his wife or his unborn child. He just up and left without mentation of the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately, Jim Casey also must egress the Joads. However, his departure from the family is the complete reverse of Connies. Cas ey was not selfish, he was selfless. He left for the demote of the Joads. Finally, tom Joad must leave the family. He also does this for the better of the Joad family. Tom also is not selfish. He knows he is on parole, thus far he until now gets retaliation on Jim Caseys murderer. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
        With some of the immediate familys lose, comes a gain of many more. The Joads gain the Wilsons as a part of their family, sightly one big family. They two groups commix into one, sharing one anothers hardships and working together toward a better life. This merging takes place among the migrants as well . They become a community, one large family. twenty! dollar bill families became one family, the children were the children of all. The loss of home became one loss, and the golden time in the West was one dream. Everyone is button through the very(prenominal) situation so all could assort and are able to get through the hard times together as a whole.         As the cliché goes, Together we stand, split up we fall. This crumb not be more true in The Grapes of Wrath. If the Joads were dismission through this alone, I do not think that they would have been able to make it alive. They have support from their family. Ma assay her best to keep the family together, and by doing so she unplowed them alive. The Joads were strong and they did not fall. Even in todays society, having strong family backgrounds is implemental to ones future. Strength in Numbers December 19, 2001 References Steinbeck, John. The Grapes of Wrath. New York: Penguin Books, 1976. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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