Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"On Silence" by Aldous Huxley: Sound of Silence

What is medicine? I dont know I return its roughthing that we harken to relax our minds from the harsh realities and troubles which we find in our daytime-to-day time. When I read the quote from by Huxley, I totally bag for with his suasions on harmony. Music is respectable a temporary solvent of purpose to your worry. By buryting your problem, it makes it even worse. Therefore, I agree with his point. We run in twenty first century a human that is so busy and fast. Music Industry plays a nifty use of goods and services in mints lives. The question is does pr titleice of medicine has appointed progeny or negative effect on us? After class period On Silence, I would say negative effect. today I relieve oneselfd that medication is something that hoi polloi use to forget their bad times, euphony is a just temporary reply to throngs problems. Aldous Huxley states three of import points on music. He says that the music is a business, which is g rowing unsound by befool people; some music has serveually bad lyrics, which is inappropriate for numerous people and finally slangs be in reproach itinerary by auditory modality to faulty music. First, Aldous Huxley says that music is selling the misuse word picture to the consultation. I agree with him. Today we are attacked by music commercial or promotion denote on radio. By selling music to these hungry kids, the artificer makes money. Why are we buying a false law? Todays music has aught but aver words. I look upon we do keep up jazz, soul music, country ECT. But, the biggest music sales are pop out or pat music. Hip-Hop music consists of solitary(prenominal) curse words, and an encouragement of gangster act or ferocity. Is that good? Today, many kids try to adapt or act like their pet artist whom they see on television. These artists are non only selling their music but they similarly sell their make brand named clothes and other accessor ies. Second, ein truththing is round making! money. No matter how bad the influence is on the society, the artist does not care. I saw the other day on sore s that 15 year ancient boy iridescent his fellow. When he was asked by police, that why he shot his friend he answered, I was trying to act like the people like in the videos. This reflects a very bad situation. Todays audience is so into music they have disregarded their values and tradition. What would a 5 year old kid see when a half naked Britney Spears is promoting her new music video or a Pepsi commercial. Todays artists are selling sex, violence along with their troublesome music. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Finall y, I would like to say that listening to violent music is not worth it, even thought it gives you pleasure for sure period. Aldous Huxley says that music brings drama in our society. Listeners react in wrong way. They develop a sentiment of annoyance overall effect is a total chaos in the society. People should realize how bad these kinds of music are. Life is mitigate without this music or lyrics. There is lot to come in our lives. Why we should let our lives into something, which is fooling our souls and mind. Lastly, by agreeing with author and livelihood his thoughts and ideas I hold music is just a sound. By stating three main points on music. He says that the music is a business, which is growing big by fooling people some music has very bad lyrics, which is inappropriate for many people and finally kids act in wrong way by listening to wrong music. Therefore, author says in his quote that music is just a temporary solution to your problem. By forgetting yo ur problem and not thinking about them makes, it make! s even worst. I think music has no value its just some delusive drama created. If you sine qua non to get a full essay, set it on our website:

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