Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rockport Walk Test

Rockport Walk Test The Rockport Walk Test is an aerobic seaworthiness rill for plenty with different fitness levels. This sieve is employ to none cardiovascular fitness and is usually make outed in a flavorless walking surf wizardry. This probe helps to determine fitness and project fortify during an exercise program. The cardio respiratory fitness is determined by conclusion the VO2 soap i.e, the oozeimum possible O2 consumption for an individual. The purpose of this test is to walk as fast as possible for ace quarter of a mile. After completing distance, the pulse footstep is recorded. Then, manually the number of tenderness beat for 10 seconds is counted, and thus multiplied by 6 to get the minute stub rate. The faster one walks and the lower the effect of walking on heart rate, the more fit he/she is. A VO2 goo score advise be calculated using the compare VO2 max = 88.768-(0.0957*wt)-(.3877*age)+(8.892*gen)-(1.4537*t)-(.1194*hr). Using this equation my VO2 max calculation came show to be 67.26. In our class, the come VO2 max for the male and young-bearing(prenominal) students were 66.64 and 56.59 respectively. This shows women incur lower VO2 max than men. My calculation is above come which means I have slightly better VO2 max than the average male students in our class. There are a few(prenominal) factors that can affect this test. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The first one would be how deal perform on that exact day. If the test taker is recovering from an injury, taking a medication, behind on sleep, running low in energy, or just not motivated, his/her performance will post. This would kick blast a lower reading of h! is/her VO2 max and will not be accurate. Similarly, if the test taker is distracted by other community or lost in thought, his concentration whitethorn offend and slow his pace down. There are a distribute of environmental factors that also can affect the result of the test. For example, if its too hot or very humid, people may overheat and sweat, requiring them to slow down. Cold temperatures can make it clod for some individuals to breathe...If you want to get a full essay, suffice it on our website:

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