Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Technology Of Global Issues

Benefits of technology Make life much comfortable, stimulating and destitute of work Some lessons need to be learnt: 1. Contradictions betwixt hapless bourn benefits and long term goals 2. unanticipated consequences 3. inappropriate character of s softlyly tech 4. many tasks that technology can non solve Short-term (st) v long-term (lt) benefits Garrett Hardinphrase: the calamity of the commons-when st and lt ar in conflict The realness-wide commons: the parts of the plants that are used by assorted nations. Examples: 1. In the st: each herder in a closure adjoin the number of kine he has grazing on the commons In the lt: overgrazing-grass demote-cattle die Why this happens: the apparent st interest is greater than the lt interest deterioration to the individual? the cost of the overgrazing of the land is shared out by all while the individual go out reap(??) the increase ground from additional selling If not increase, individual entrust suffer from the loss 2. mercantile fishing in the worlds ocean techbigger, more powerful, sonar-equipped fishing gravy holderhuge drift netsfew fishermen familial a gargantuan quantity of fishfishes are world overgrazed, some dead (e.g. whalemeasures have been taken to increase its number ) 3.
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the equity of the Sea Treaty (govern the use and exploration of the seas)giving a nation advantages to exploit(??) the global commonsthe US refused to sign the conformity St Reason: monopolize(??,??) th e resources which contribute to the further ! development of the country Lt job: invite challenge and conflict in the future, not esthesis for having a peaceful and mutually(??,??) agreed on the use of the seas surrounded by the US and other countries in lt interests. 4. pollution: St advantage for individuals: light gasoline consumption (disconnecting(??) the pollution control devices on their cars) Lt problems: lungs of the individuals give be hurt, the interest of...If you want to get a replete(p) essay, bless it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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